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Before we start to view tutorial photos let's adjust our monitors to prevent replies like "Hey, all your photos are too dark, what the hell!" We can do like smart people from the Photoforum suggest:
"To adjust monitors do the following. Set brightness and contrast to maximum, then bit by bit reduce brightness until the border between fields 95% and 100% almost disappears. Then reduce contrast until the white field (0%) becomes real white."
I want to add that good example of "real white" is a clean and clear sheet of printer paper.

Тоновая шкала

If you will not be able to read mysterious characters given in the photos description
(like 1/125 s, f/11, -1EV, 200 ISO), I decode them to you — they are the shooting parameters in the following sequence:
shutter speed, aperture value, exposure compensation (if any) in the exposure steps and ISO speed. The example characters above mean that shutter speed was 1/125 os a second, aperture was set to f/11 and the exposure was 1 step less than integral metering mode recommended and the film had ISO speed of 200.

To patient readers who read up to this place I want to say that many photos shown in parts "Exposure choice" (in Russian) and "Composition creation" (in Russian) have a number of mistakes, but we discuss only the most considerable of them. This defines where to put a photo. The part "Tips and tricks" (in Russian) is dedicated to some methods which can make a photo more showy. Kiev-4 camera is awarded its own page because the first love cannot rust.

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