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  1. Exposure choice
  2. Composition creation
  3. Tips and tricks
  4. Kiev-4
  1. How to avoid waste shots made due to exposure errors (not translated yet)
    - what to do if the scene brightness range is too wide (not translated yet)
    - shooting in the back light is not as hard as a lot of people think (not translated yet)
    - nuances of exposure choosing in the night (not translated yet)
    - why do they need, how tochoose and how to use (not translated yet)

  2. It is said there are composition rules. Some described here (not translated yet).
    - what one need to remember about tones placement on the picture (not translated yet)

  3. A set of simple methods to make a photo more showy (not translated yet)
    - how to reproduce air space to make the viewer see volume and expanse on the flat picture (not translated yet)
    - how to create an illusion of movement on the still picture (not translated yet)
    - how to take good photos of children in the kindergarten (not translated yet)
    - some methods of work with light (not translated yet)

  4. Kiev-4 camera and optics usage essentials
    - my experience of a monocle creation from Jupiter-12 lens. It is not a simple task, one need to have skills of working with tools, exactness and a bag of patience.
    - and here I describe how to create a portrait monocle from Jupiter-11. In this case everyting is much easier.

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  1. Manuals:
  2. Shooting:
  1. Manuals of Soviet cameras:
    - Kiev-4 camera. Good mechanical rangefinder camera. Almost Contax.
    - Smena-8M camera. Millions of Soviet photograpners began with this camera.

  2. Articles:
    - three most popular mistakes of beginner amateur photographers (not translated yet)
    - what a photographer should take to shot landscapes successfully (not translated yet)


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