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You are welcome to share interesting and useful article or file with me. I have a lot of links on Russian version of this page and have no objections to enlarge English one.

Links marked with lead to other sites. From time to time I check whether they alive or not but of course I cannot guarantee that now they are working.

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Technical papers

  1. Kiev-4 camera user guide
  2. Smena-8M camera user guide
  3. Kiev Rangefinders by Peter Hennig
  4. Kiev Survival Site


  1. Compact camera tips and tricks (not translated yet) — how to avoid the most popular promlems with automatic cameras.
  2. landscape photographer tools (not translated yet) — a list of equpment needed to take pictures of nature.

Grumbler's lair

Do you want me to criticize you photos? There's a straight way to "Grumbler's lair". Just send me your photos with word "lair" in subject line.

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