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30th January 2010. Winter has come into the gallery.

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10th November 2009. New autumn photos in the gallery.

17th September 2009. July anymals came late into the gallery.

29th June 2009. There are July landscapes in the gallery. July animals will come.

29th June 2009. The first summer shots appeared in the gallery. There will appear more if the weather allows.

12th May 2009. Today site counter shows 50,000 visitors. I like it. Annual statistics of high-specialized site and mean amount of visitors per day look pretty well.

12th January 2009. The first photo of 2009 is in the gallery. Lets begin.

1 January 2009. Happy New Year! Best wishes! New Year's photos in the gallery as a gift.

29th May 2009. There are five new photos of aircrafts of the Airforce museum in Monino in  the Gallery.

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08 December 2008. At last I had time to shoot, to scan and to publish the last shot of the series Depth of field and focusing accuracy at max aperture. Now you can estimate the DOF of the famous Jupiter-3 lens.

17 November 2008. The Fatherland send me to the business trip to Grenoble. No doubt, no way without a camera. Although I had not much free time and I had to shoot while running some photos are rather good. Look at them in the gallery section "Travel sketches".

9 October 2008. New autumn photos in the gallery.

10 September 2008. Every visitor in the gallery can get a cup of hot tea.

30 June 2008. Two new photos in the gallery.

21 June 2008. I brought bunch of peonies from a dacha. And put it in the gallery right away.

17 June 2008. It seems I got for the portrait monocle the desired balance between sharpness and spherical aberration which provides the "monocle effect". The result of all experiments you can find in the article "Testing".

16 June 2008. The comparative test results was added to the article about Jupiter-3. This photos allow estimating of picture in blur area for all three 50-mm lenses for the "Kiev" camera.

10 June 2008. I described my impressions of using Jupiter-3 lens.

9 June 2008. The promised test photos of the portrain monocle are now in the article "Testing".

27 May 2008. The portrait monocle was improved. The article update with a good pack of illustrations coming soon.

7 February 2008. Short addition to the article about a wide-angle monocle: how to do viewfinding.

17 January 2008. Several new winter shots in the gallery.

09 January 2008. Now you can read the article about a portrait 135 mm monocle for "Kiev" camera.

01 January 2008. Happy New Year!

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18 December 2007. I finished the translation of the article about a wide-angle monocle for "Kiev" camera and "Kiev-4" camera shooting character.

07 December 2007. "Grumbler's lair" first page was translated into English. You may send me your photos if you want me to criticize them. See the page for details.

27 November 2007. Smena-8M manual was translated into English.

20 November 2007. Kiev-4 manual was translated into English.

13 November 2007. Site main page, Gallery and "Useful links" pages were translated into English.

04 July 2003. Site first pages published in Russian.

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